Şerife Sevinç is an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics and Science Education in Middle East Technical University. She received her bachelors and master's degree from METU and her PhD from Indiana University.

E-mail: sserife {at}

Phone: 7196


Pelin Deniz is a specialist at the Disability Support Office. She is completing her doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology at Hacettepe University. She has received her bachelor's degree in Psychology  and Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Middle East Technical University.

E-mail: pelind {at}

Phone: 7073

Administrative Staff

Alev Ceylan, is working at the Disability Support Office as a administrative personnel. She is responsible for administrative services of Disability Support Office.

E-mail: ceylana {at}

Phone: 7196

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21/03/2023 - 10:59