For those students who experience difficulty studying because of their disabilities, course partnership is offered by means of student assistantship. Students can find their own partners or DSO can make announcements in order to find the student with required criteria. A student can have one or more course partners throughout the semester. The time, place and intensity of studying is up to the student and the partner's mutual decision. Responsibilities of the Course Parner are:

  • Meeting with the student that they will assist at the agreed date, place and time.
  • Make preliminary preparation about the topic that they will study, presenting current and true information to the student.
  • Being faithful to agreed study hours.
  • Respecting the privacy of the student that they will assşst and keeping any kind of information secret regarding student's identity and disability conditions.
  • Informing student and DSO any changes in working hours due to health or other type of problems.
  • Informing DSO about the study dates and hours on a weekly basis.
  • Informing DSO and student that you are assisting, urgently, in the case of any changes in your contact information.