The Letter for Academic Accommodation (LAA) is prepared for each student in need of reasonable accommodations in academic area (courses, exams and assignments). DSO prepares LAA on the accommodations that the student needs in courses, exams and assignments by considering both student's disability and personal qualifications. 

Any student who can provide an official documentation of his/her disability may apply to DSO to receive LAA in the first two weeks of each academic term.

DSO staff reviews the student's documentation. IF it is determined that the student is eligible for services, an academic interview will be conducted with the student. During the interview, answers to the following questions are discussed:

  • For which academic circumstances are reasonable accommodations needed?
  • What kind of reasonable accommodations will be provided?
  • Why will those reasonable accommodations be provided?
  • How will the accommodations be provided?
  • Who will be in charge of providing the accomodations?

Based on the interview conducted with the student, DSO prepares a letter comprising accepted reasonable accomodations.